Welcome to La Ménado

Mèinado, in Provençal means the family. La Ménado... It could also have been lou bonur (happiness), la pas (peace) or la joio (joy). In a just a few words, let's just say that here we know your first name.

The place where memories are made

La Ménado is the family holiday destination that you’ll pass down the generations. The one you get to know as a child with your grandparents and that you rediscover as an adult with your own children. Over the years, our staff become familiar faces that you are delighted to see again. Every summer you’ll be back in Allée de la Plage, on the other side of the postcard.

Mountains, the sun, the sea…

… in Cavalaire Bay. Think myrtle bushes and Aleppo pines along coastal walking trails in the Massif des Maures, mysterious corals we call Gorgones waving happily in crystal clear waters, sunsets over Levant Island. A protected natural area between land and sea.

Easy access to the beach on foot and every comfort in an unspoilt setting where you can truly disconnect.

We pamper our guests

Nathan and all the team at La Ménado will welcome you as if you were part of the family. Mediterranean hospitality means a bouquet of flowers for your birthday, your favourite Viennese pastry for breakfast, personal touches for your four-legged friend. All those little things that make a holiday unforgettable. A bèn-lèu !*

* See you soon in Provençal


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