Our environmental policy

We see ourselves as part of a local ecosystem where everything we do has an impact. Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) encompasses different practices intended to meet the challenges of sustainable development. This is central to our concern to contribute to more sustainable tourism, and so we have developed a policy that covers four areas.

Energy consumption

Motion detection

To limit unnecessary excessive electricity consumption, we have installed motion detectors.

Electronic key cards

Key cards also contribute to saving electricity: the lights go off automatically when you leave the room.

LED bulbs

LED bulbs consume very little electricity. And the warm atmosphere in the room is just the same.

Optimised air conditioning

Our air conditioning is centrally set for the entire hotel: having the same temperature everywhere ensures a more balanced operation of the system.

Carbon footprint

Short food supply chains

Local producers and seasonal produce: our short food supply chains are the best kept secret of our flavoursome AND responsible cuisine.

Water dispensers

Water dispensers allow us to reduce our plastic consumption by eliminating plastic mineral water bottles.

Electric vehicle charging points

To encourage more sustainable mobility and above all, to make your holiday that much easier.

Waste management

Organic food waste

Our liquid and solid organic waste is handled by Veolia, which collects and sorts it to transform it into green energy, organic soil amendments or animal feed.

Cardboard press

Veolia handles the purchasing of our cardboard boxes and, after use, sells them as recyclable raw material for the paper industry.

Reducing food waste

Too good to go

When there are good leftovers from the breakfast buffet, we put them on the Too Good To Go food recovery app to sell them off at a reduced price.


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